#clonazepam #depression #anxiety
Hello,  I was sick for a month and a half and I thought I would die.  I was so sick my white blood cells have increased to the point where the doctor called me in. Probably the worst flu of my short adult life.  I’ve only been an adult for 10 years but I mean I still feel like a list teenager maybe more lost now that I am an adult and when you are a teenager you think you know shit…  
So I’m on remeron now and that’s going good but it’s hard to say if I am just coming out of a slump or not as that happens throughout the year. I still have the tiredness and regular underlying melancholy of life under me but I have drive.  Drive to clean my room,  do work books, go to the gym and hopefully go back to work. It’s a welcome change and I’m a bit more excited for 2017. I hope to be more passive than aggressive and not passive aggressive anymore! 


About depressionica

just a typical depressive analyzing their depression!

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