My meds don’t work 100% at the moment and I swear anything ativan or Valium like only works once then your tolerance or at least mine is (it takes double the amount to work the next time). I’ve spoken with many people and either they are like me or get completely fucked up off of a tylenol 3 no matter how many times they have taken it. 
I still blaze and I also have tolerance problems with that so I try to just keep smoking down to once a week or put days in between.  Well,  I’ve been super sick but also sober for almost 2 weeks now.  I’ve seen not so much a decrease in depression but an increase in my cognitive capabilities.  I’m very sensitive about “how smart I am” or “witty” or quickly I’m cruising through life so this gives me some encouragement to keep myself from drinking. Also it’s expensive and one beer is 154 calories. I love beer but it shows lately so I’m hoping to lose some of my beer gut considering I would drink a 6 pack and then some in a day. There have been a few stressful moments where I wanted to give in but nah too expensive not worth it. 


About depressionica

just a typical depressive analyzing their depression!

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