I am not sure of when I became depressed exactly. I think it happened at puberty. My mom said it happened when I was about 7 years old . I think I remember being unhappy even at the age of 4 but not depressed until maybe the age of 8. By depressed I mean couldn’t escape my dark feelings, I worried constantly, and that cried frequently for no reason.
Last year’s edition of the Scientific American for August they mentioned some somewhat not so obvious triggers. Spending time in an intensive care unit can cause post traumatic stress syndrome . They often end up with an anxiety disorder. I think any super intense injuries would cause some sort of long-term distress for a while I mean your body doesn’t want to go through that again. Maybe by being hypersensitive you could prevent further problems. I’m thinking in terms of an evolutionary benefit to this over reactivity .
One thing I can’t understand any evolutionary benefit for is postpartum depression . I know this is both deserved in humans and also many animals . I make sense for some animals because they may be lacking resources to take care of a baby or maybe other stressful factors can play a role . I’ve never had a baby myself but it does worry me about getting postpartum depression I know that I don’t want to take medication while I’m pregnant there are thousands of neurons being growing and I really don’t want to cause any damage. I know its my genetics it’s quite high chance but my child will be depressed or develop a mental illness but hopefully with the right education and support they don’t have to suffer at all. In this article it says that some mothers develop obsessive compulsive disorder which actually makes perfect sense on an evolutionary scale because this is your offspring and you’re going to do everything you can to help it survive.
Reading or hearing about a traumatic event might lead to a specific phobia. I totally agree and I think this is not just for people this is for everyone its super depressing and can make you super paranoid as much of it is murders disease and bad news in general I prefer not to know about the news and maybe just find out through someone if it’s really important to me otherwise I can get a bit paranoid but going out late at night .
Another strange link to an onset of obsessive compulsive disorder in children is strep throat . It causes the symptoms the strep throat that is, but once it’s cleared then the OCD  symptoms go away.
Eating more foods seems to be linked to depression and anxiety. It is believed that the trans fats. I know I feel more depressed when I eat a lot of processed foods but I think it might be due to the guilt of eating it and also the sugar highs in the sugar crashes.
One that is not mentioned but I’ve heard I can’t quite remember where, is puberty. This makes quite a bit of sense specially if you’re a girl and are dealing with PMS and tons of estrogen as well as testosterone. They don’t really talk about or warning you about being very emotional at this time. They warned you about having new feelings about other people but I mean you have crushes way before you hit puberty . I think if I knew what these crazy emotional intense periods were I would have dealt with them a lot better and dealt with life a lot better in general .


About depressionica

Young sciency/arsty/etc girl who is highly interested in her own problem, depression and mental illness. She takes the scientific approach and is constantly reading new research and self-help books.

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