I recently read this article since it popped up on my Facebook homepage which I frequent way too frequently….from psychcentral. I have heard of many of the alternative treatments mentioned as well as drugs. There are a few I hadn’t quite heard of yet such as Dexamethasone…

So I did a bit of research myself, apparently there had been a study on this drug which is also in my eye drops(maybe I should drink my eye drops…although…that seems like a very expensive way to consume this drug)…back in 1996 that looks significant enough for further research. It was a small sample size and I am not really sure why they didn’t pursue it further probably because it’s a readily available drug and they can’t really make any money off of it, which unfortunately determines research areas. At least “they” according to the article are now relooking at this drug as an option.

I do also agree with this quote from the article, ““Chronic stress is believed to be the leading cause of depression,” the authors write.” And I think I do have a habit of becoming super duper unrealistically stressed OVER THINGS THAT YEAH I SHOULDN’T BE REALLY…And I am getting better or maybe just tired of being stressed over relatively uncontrollable things such as THE FUTURE….Stress has probably done quite a bit of damage to my brain already, as I can feel it in my memory which has become a lot worse than it used to be. I am hoping and it seems to show this kind of self-induced brain damage is reversible and maybe I can become good at learning and remembering things again as it is quite the useful ability. Also, I think I mentioned that my telomeres are shorter than people my age and that was also probably, research is showing, stress related….Oh well, doesn’t necessarily mean I will die significantly sooner but I believe it is non reversible. Maybe they were shorter from the start…Well, I often don’t feel like I deserve to chill out, or I should be worrying about something or something bad will happen. And I am maturing and realizing that THIS STRATEGY TO LIFE DOES NOT WORK….EVER….so I will prepare the best I can for shit and chill more (I’ve done my own life experiments….bad things and good things happen equal sorta amounts depending on circumstances regardless). Preserve brain, chill.



About depressionica

Young sciency/arsty/etc girl who is highly interested in her own problem, depression and mental illness. She takes the scientific approach and is constantly reading new research and self-help books.

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