I relate to this song….I have spent much time thinking I will be better, back to a size 0, not get super drunk with friends on weekends and getting up and doing morning yoga. And being in a good career where I have power and money and making a difference in the world. But yeah….no…I’m turning 25 and I still can’t decide if I want to finish my Bachelor’s in Science in Biochem because I know there are no jobs for “just that” or to go to grad school (people are like nooo takes so long you will be poor and u should do a trade…). Or switch over to comp sci since I have the first year of that done….Or maybe just finish the B.A. I was working no since it would be super easy and also not lead to work…..I would settle for a size 6-8 srsly, probs not gonna happen with the drugs I need to take….


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