I read about Rainy brain sunny brain in Scientific American Mind as they are going to start producing apps that train your brain to notice the positive over the negative, the good over the bad. I most DEFINITELY notice the negative. I hate watching the news! I don’t really like hearing negative things, well to a degree. I mean when I am severely depressed, with low self-esteem then i probably shouldn’t watch sad movies or search on the imgur for pics of cutting, anorexia etc.

The book is researched based and all studies are referenced in the back of the book which is nice. It’s not a self help book or training program itself. I learnt about how happy or more normal people’s brain’s work. How they think and how I would also like to think like that.

A few interesting points from the book.

  • The best emotional regulators are the happiest people (in one study involving emotional regulating) These people can also amplify their emotions if they want to!
  • Elaine emphasized that “most people are highly resilient and bounce back from problems quickly.” (Kinda find it hard to believe but we would probably all die and society and the planet would fall apart if this weren’t true. : ) ).
  • Having perceived control over any aspect of life (or all would be DA BEST!) makes people happy and live longer. (no surprise here).
  • “Optimal experiences” most often make people happy. Such as being in the zone in sports, playing piano (was my thing when an angry teen), or meditating (still can’t do that). I will explore this notion more!
  • There was also a study mentioned where they counted anti-bodies and added stress and saw a nice correlation between get sick more often and being distressed/unhappy. This is a big one for me as one of my obsessions is worrying about getting sick.

Glad I rented the book from the library as it basically has given me many concepts to look into and not an instruction manual for change. I am also late with it so I will return today hopefully, if I remember…


About depressionica

Young sciency/arsty/etc girl who is highly interested in her own problem, depression and mental illness. She takes the scientific approach and is constantly reading new research and self-help books.

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