I own the verilux portable light. It has a 27 watt bulb type thing. I feel like it makes a difference especially when it gets dark out early. And it makes a difference even more when my depression is in control.

I found a link the the Mayo Clinic website and it explains everything you need to know when buying and using a SAD lamp.


It doesn’t seem like the kinda I use does cause any eye damage but I have also considered putting a piece UV blocking plastic over it just to be extra safe. I also don’t really use it on a regular basis so I dunno.

The Mayo Clinic is American so it seems to deal with getting treatment differently as (I don’t know that much about it) not everyone has full medical coverage (something that will change I hope!). The other thing about having medical coverage is that sometimes you might have to wait 6 months to see a specialist (but obviously not if you are dying or in serious condition) also cancellation lists have worked wonders for me.

They still do have some good articles on the latest research and treatments.

They have a depression specific blog: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/depression/DS00175/TAB=expertblog


About depressionica

Young sciency/arsty/etc girl who is highly interested in her own problem, depression and mental illness. She takes the scientific approach and is constantly reading new research and self-help books.

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