Welllllll I am done 7 ECTs now got one tomorrow : ( but am looking forward to being done and hopefully going off antidepressants (cymbalta 60mg) so I can STOP having terrible terrible memorable nightmares all the time that can ruin my whole day.

I am about a quarter way done ELECTROBOY which I borrowed from my library. And so far he really is pretty normal but most likely my friends are insane and do a lot of insane random things, often. I am actually kind of finding it a little boring since well yes my friends are much more entertaining on a regular basis. Maybe it was more difficult to do crazy things in the 80s, I don’t know. I am hoping it will get crazier….kinda glad I didn’t buy the book but kinda glad when I don’t buy books in general as I never really end up re-reading them.

I saw Amanda Palmer at the commodore on Saturday. It was quite empty because Madonna, Garbage, Rusell Brand and some other famous people I don’t know all in town at the same time (there was a tribute done). Which meant I got to be right up at the stage (yay) and she also invited many people onto the stage and the whole show was random. Used lots of local peeps that play sax and stuff which my friend knew so that was nice (pretty sure Madonna didn’t do that). Got a bunch of whiskey dumped on me by the band which happens at most concerts. Saw someone shooting up heroin in front of the gay bar..felt kinda bad for them but they did have tim hortons coffee so that was good I guess (Van has been closing all the psych wards/rehabs yay for conservative useless government in a port city (port city meaning a lot of drugs come through here)!) Well if B.C. ends up legalizing pot soon hopefully that will make us enough money in tax in time to re-open Riverview hospital which was recently shut down to build condos over the land.  Sigh, alright time for 10 months of rain to start!


About depressionica

Young sciency/arsty/etc girl who is highly interested in her own problem, depression and mental illness. She takes the scientific approach and is constantly reading new research and self-help books.

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