What a weird side effect… I have always had an annoyingly sensitive nose (everyone has a smell…not always a good one but an identifiable one)… And now it’s either even more sensitive due to brain shock or things have suddenly all changed scent. It’s actually driving me crazy. Things smell almost completely different today than yesterday. My dog, my laundry, my shampoo, my food etc. oh we’ll could be a worse side effect I suppose…otherwise ect is going well. Don’t really like going in for it but i only have 2 more yay!!! Then possibly never ever again if I am lucky.. One of the things that bothers me is that one of the nurses i went to high school with so I am kinda embarrassed. I can tell she recognizes me but I can’t tell if she actually knows from where. I did have short strawberry blonde hair back then actually hahaha and my hair style is long natural colour brown hair now so maybe… Yeah I dunno (; ̄O ̄n


About depressionica

Young sciency/arsty/etc girl who is highly interested in her own problem, depression and mental illness. She takes the scientific approach and is constantly reading new research and self-help books.

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