I love watching movies. It doesn’t take much work and occasionally they can suck me in enough to concentrate. MY fav are ones about mental health. Recently  I watched “a dangerous method” which is based on the relationship between Carl Jung and his mistress, who also became a great psychiatrist and Jung’s sub, (good old history always leaving out the great women). She was a great female psychoanalyst and was pretty messed up herself apparently when she was treated by Jung. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabina_Spielrein> She seemed to get over her mental problems by talking it out and the relationship with Jung helped too. Her and Jung both had a different outlook towards mental health that was opposed to Freud.

1.) They were both concerned with treating the patient not simply just telling them what they have and then studying them and forgetting about them. And also they questioned Freud’s “sexual” aspects and how EVERY mental problem stemmed from something sexual. (Finally someone noticed?).

2.)They used the power of keeping patients busy to help heal them. Sabina helped Carl Jung with his experiments even though she was in very rough shape. I think this is a great concept that has been lost, unfortunately, in time and since they can use massive amounts of tranquilizing drugs. Honestly, being busy works SO WELL. I always think, I JUST CAN’T WORK, I CAN’T GO TO MY CRAPPY PART TIME JOB TONIGHT I JUST CANT. But once I get into it and get busy I am not longer thinking of being depressed. Same thing at home although it is much harder to focus since I am not being supervised. Because I believe some depression cases cannot be treated with talk therapy or drugs 100%, being busy, helping, contributing to society has nothing but BENEFITS FOR SOME PEOPLE. The unfortunate set back with volunteering is that the whole scheduling thing can be very hard when dealing with severe depression as some days are worse than other and you just can’t leave your house. So, drop in volunteering is the best for this I believe. I LOVED the fact Jung had enough faith in Sabina to say, “yes I believe you could be a psychiatrist” WOW I think that is very empowering and since that is what I always wanted to be also it would be cool if a doctor would say that. (now I am aiming for psych nurse  even though I wouldn’t have to do much more get into med school, I have all the pre reqs done I would just have to redo courses and get 99.9% average (yeah probably not gonna happen, maybe research???))

It’s kind of a funny story: Cute witty, accurate. I thought, actually, this movie was very accurate and not overdone. I have been in the psych ward before, voluntarily, although I left the next day (it’s honestly just too boring). The acting was good, I like how the main depressed character defended themself for having a good life yet being depressed (kinda how I feel). It’s a good movie!


About depressionica

Young sciency/arsty/etc girl who is highly interested in her own problem, depression and mental illness. She takes the scientific approach and is constantly reading new research and self-help books.

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