Lithium made my stomach hurt which was no surprise since I get every side effect on every side effect list. It made me more tired, which is not really a surprise since it is a mood stabilizer meant to keep people less agitated. I need to be more agitated. Sometimes I feel like if someone came up to me and popped my pupil out of my eye…I would probably say, K.

Interesting fact: Lithium and ECT are now thought to cause neurogenesis.”the mice were treated with control or lithium chow” Probably the best quote of the paper.

It is definitely  a good article to read because it  shows it is possible that mental illness is a result of neuron death and atrophy. Which would explain the mental capability loss and memory loss associated with depression. I HAVE THIS BAD. But if  I wasn’t such a learning freak and never had to think much at home or work then I probably wouldn’t have even noticed a difference.

Also Lithium is super easy to overdose on as is Tylenol. If someone tells you they are going to commit suicide with Tylenol take it very seriously because the person will not die immediately, they will die slowly, 2 months later, by liver failure.

ECT hopefully will have the same effect for me as an eye stabbing would. Get me to snap out of it. I tried slapping myself and it does make me slightly me more awake. I think it could be cool to film my ECT. I will bring it up.


About depressionica

Young sciency/arsty/etc girl who is highly interested in her own problem, depression and mental illness. She takes the scientific approach and is constantly reading new research and self-help books.

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