I have always been a fan of self help books since I was thirteen. One of the first I read was “how to make people like you in 30 seconds or less” which didn’t really help. I think I give bad first impressions which depending on how good I am feeling, I can come across as not pleasant. Now that I am older I learnt that people will not like me no matter how nice or how cool I am and I am ok with that. I probably needed how to “like yourself” or “how to dress myself” and “do my hair” (I had a lot of different hair colors and styles none that were attractive) . Once I was officially diagnosed with depression (and not chronic fatigue syndrome or any of the other random diseases) around the age of 19 I started to read a lot more self help books. I was hoping to find my cure in a book. Secretly, although have lost much hope, I would still like to.

One of the symptoms of reading these books is that yes, they do help me. They make me see the world in a positive way, make me feel as though I have more control over things, and give me a sense of hope. All great things! The problem is one I put the book down, it loses the effect. One of the reasons religious sermons are so powerful is the fact they are concepts that are repeated. (I learnt this from a TED talks http://www.ted.com/talks/alain_de_botton_atheism_2_0.html) I am going to try to work on this and reread some books. I do re-listen to a lot of meditation pod casts and re-watch videos though.

So I am going to make it one of my near future goals to review some of the books that really helped and the specific concepts and ideas that spoke to me the most.

Also I will review a bunch of books on here I have read and maybe summarize some stuff thus saving people time and money from reading. Hopefully I don’t get sued for doing that.


About depressionica

Young sciency/arsty/etc girl who is highly interested in her own problem, depression and mental illness. She takes the scientific approach and is constantly reading new research and self-help books.

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