While I was in physics class, 12pm, while drinking  coffee, I turned to my friend to complain about how boring the class would be while yawning. He said I looked like a snake and that it even sounds like I dislocate my jaw…and I awkwardly covered my mouth two seconds later and I began to realize I yawn excessively. I yawn when I am full of energy, I yawn in fresh air,  I yawn when I work out. I yawn when I sit too long, which at several jobs has made me appear bored/tired/lazy/not hard working / whatever other assumptions people make about compulsive yawners. Now, I know one of the side effects of my medication is yawning but I also had this problem before meds and meds probably have made it worse. Obviously, I want to stop yawning and I have some control over it. Every animal seems to yawn though, at least mammals, such as my dog and my degu almost as much I do…

One of the cures to my yawning problem was increasing my iron supplements (which also makes me sick to my stomach) and when I was put on dexedrine, to up my energy. The amphetamines didn’t really up my energy in a productive way or a comfortable way, it made food taste extra rewarding and made my heart race and I wanted to chew gum constantly. I didn’t have any of the typical amphetamine side effects such as euphoria, weight loss, communicating with aliens etc. So I stopped taking it after awhile and stuck to copious amounts of coffee and sugar.

Of course I did some research about it and it turns out it’s not a popular research area. There seems to be a lot of articles involving penile erection and yawning… Recent studies, have disproven the low oxygen theory (can’t find whatever articles I saw that said this). Some theories say yawning wakes you up but one thing I noticed when I can’t fall asleep is that I have not been yawning and if I yawn a whole bunch it can help me fall asleep. I still kind of believe the whole vagus nerve stimulation theory of yawning, since vagus nerve stimulation is a treatment for depression. Mediline plus says it could indicate a heart problem…but stuff like that is to be expected with most medi-type websites that claim every symptom could be cancer. I think that livestrong is sort of onto something when it says yawning and nausea could be related.

My only concern, with yawning at the moment, is looking tired or bored in front of people I am trying to impress. I often get that even without yawning though…I think it is a side a side effect of my large eyes which are hard to keep wide open.


About depressionica

Young sciency/arsty/etc girl who is highly interested in her own problem, depression and mental illness. She takes the scientific approach and is constantly reading new research and self-help books.

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