Yay started twitter

Yeah started twitter like the twit that I am….  Someday I won’t have acne and maybe stick to a diet and lose this weight I gained from the drugs….  Jk probably not.

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So I don’t post much anymore but “So Sad Today” who has posted advice on Vice has inspired me!

If you can call it that  I guess.  To normal people who have never been depressed and yes those people exist they may get sad or upset but not to the extent I do or other fellow “mentally challenged emotionally” people. Anyways,  I want to reorganize my blog and maybe make it less embarrassing and actually tell people I know about it so that they can see how I ARE. but also that’s scary,  I’m scary,  and I write some deep dark shit.  So I think I will make a twitter account since maybe I will post more often my ramblings from day to day and listen to others.
   I have a good therapist now.  I’ve gone through about 4 before really wonderfully connecting with this one.  So don’t give up on therapists! Or doctors just keep switching if you can! And if you can’t just make a shit ton of suggestions and do your own research! It took like literally begging and threatening to die to get a good psychiatrist so keep that in mind. 
    One of the things that struck me in my therapy sesh today was the fact,  I just want to be happy.  And my therapist pointed out that Yeah it’s a desirable state but unrealistic to be happy all the time.  Maybe I just meant I wanted to be OK and not melting down on a daily basis. Which is a more attainable state.         So I mean I’ve had some shitty things happen to me lately and that have impacted my mood (car crash,  student loans cut off,  other unmentionable incidents).  And instead of screaming and crying it all out,  I numbed it with booze, drugs,  and distractions,  and buying stuff.  Yeah so I’m gonna let myself scream and cry it out.  Unfortunately these pangs of emotion  tend to come on at the least convenient times but oh well had more embarrassing things happen.  I know I won’t die from my emotions but it sure feels like it!

Good article genetics!


Onion makes me cry from….


See Prozac and his life story

Giddy up idiot


Herbal drugs, depression, anxiety and whatever other ailments you desire to treat…

I’m a huge skeptic so I definitely do my research before I start taking supplements. I know for sure I need to take iron and that its recommended to take calcium if you’re a woman.

But what about for sleep? Relaxation? Depression? As a depressed nighttime sufferer I’ve taken melatonin rich works really well the first time but after that my brain decided it would have no effect. I find that zinc and magnesium actually help really well with my restless leg syndrome that’s giving me I better sleep even if I don’t sleep that much. So is nice to not have to take another prescription on top of the prescription pills I take daily.
In another article from last year’s August addition of the Scientific American, they mentioned some popular new herbal treatments for anxiety and depression. I agree with the part that states people assume that herbal medicines or natural substances bought without a prescription are much safer than synthetic medications which is totally wrong. I’ve heard of st. John’s wort being used for depression but it’s still they still fine but the studies say results are inconclusive meaning they can’t say it actually has an effect . There are also plenty of adverse reactions to St John’s wort in connection make someone feel much worse.
Another drug they mention is Kava which I’ve never heard of before. It can cause liver damage react with other medications and cause you to be sleepy. It’s become popular other alternative to relaxation instead of drinking apparently in Florida. The article and saying there still might be some chance for herbal treatments in the future but for now none of the studies are coming out positive for the common and new herbal drugs.

Get Educated About Cutting


Could not have said it better!

Originally posted on sass & spice:

There are lots and lots and lots of reasons different people cut. There are some things you should know about individuals who cut (and I’m talking about the whole, not the individual):

  • This is serious.
    You may look at the little slices on the skin and think, did that even bleed? It’s no big deal. Just stop doing it. But cutting is a heavy indicator of what is going on in a person’s heart and mind and it deserves more than a passing glance. Just as rape victims often get told, “you’re lucky – your wounds are minor,” people who cut need everyone to understand that this is about more than the physical, visual ramifications. This is mental.
  • They aren’t typically suicidal.
    Bringing a blade across your wrist in a horizontal format like that can cause some mega red, but it’s not an attempt at taking one’s life, so don’t instantly…

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Yay more celebrity support for mental health! Go Demi

I read about Demi’s struggles in the tabloids when they first started being invasive and commenting about marks on her arms. It then went on to name some more celebrities that admitted to self harm such as Princess Diana.
I don’t currently like the way the media speculates and talk about self harm as I find it super personal myself and a tad rude to speculate…sometimes it’s not self harm but I guess that’s their job.

Please watch this great video where Demi is super open, honest and well spoken! : D

Are your meds CAUSING your symptoms?

Cause if they are at least you have the comfort of knowing when you stop you will feel better…
Also, in last year’s Scientific American for August , they listed a bunch of prescription drugs that cause or rather do cause mental illness symptoms in a number of patients.
Let’s start with the head!

Prospects an anti hair loss drug used to reverse baldness causes depression and suicidal thoughts in at least 10 percent of its users. This is quite high compared to most other drugs on this list that are less than 1 to cause problems in the population. They believe the cause is due to go lock of a steroid that is derived from testosterone and low levels of this steroid is linked to mood problems.

Zithromax is an antibiotic used treat strep throat ear infections and pneumonia. It is said to cause aggression and anxiety and less than 1. They’re not sure how it does this but it does show that it crosses the blood brain barrier. Many drugs and molecules can’t cross the blood brain barrier so this kind of concerns me I probably would prefer not to take it.

There are two asthma treatments that are said to cause depression digression suicidal thinking and even ADHD unless someone. They are Singular and a common one, Advair. They don’t understand why singulair causes these side effects but they do have some idea why advair causes ADHD dementia symptoms . Fair Work spy relaxing muscles in the airways but it increases a molecule called cAMP. High levels of this molecule are linked ADHD and dementia.

Norvasc  lowers blood pressure but it also can cause insomnia, nervousness, depression, abnormal dreams, anxiety and depersonalization which is a very strange feeling. Its unknown one why causes all these symptoms.

Lanoxin treats arrhythmia and heart attacks. But in 1 users that can cause apathy, confusion, anxiety depression and hallucinations. What the drug does this make my heart beat stronger by keeping and dopamine at nerve terminals for longer this changes the balance of the body since many of the nerves are used everywhere this includes the brain.

Nexium is a common acid reflux treatment medication. Unfortunately it can cause anorexia, confusion, anxiety, insomnia, and sleep disorders and less than one percent of its users . All it does is block stomach acid production but this also inhibits nutrient intake. The article notes that how nutrient deficiencies lead to mental symptoms is not yet known.

Lopressor also lowers blood pressure and treat heart attack. Unfortunately it causes depression in five percent of its patients as well as short term memory loss and less than one percent of its patients. The way it works is that it prevents adrenaline from reaching its target during the stress response in a flight or flight situation the researchers are still unsure how this causes mental issues but I think I lack of adrenaline would definitely cause me to be more depressed

The next biggie is cholesterol drugs. Lipitor (which almost every senior, like my granny, is on), Crestor, and Zocor cause memory loss and depression in less than 1% of user. The article goes on to state since so many people in North America in the world are on these drugs these side effects are probably affecting millions it goes on to quote an article that sounds interesting called “It’s not dementia, it’s your heart medication.” I wonder if doctors look into this instead of assuming a patient has dementia.

Another random result of taking anti depressants

According to the Scientific American, taking antidepressants increases extroversion and decreases neuroticism in depressed individuals. These effects on personality are separate from those on depression meaning this was a side effect.
Not really sure how they separated it but that’s kind of interesting might have something to do with the extra dopamine and or serotonin. I’m sure there are rat studies on this!