Studies that anti depressants DO MAKE YOU FAT. .(except wellbutrin)

Here is an article about something I struggle with on a daily basis BUT have come to terms with quite a bit although it took years and lots of suffering from going off drugs to lose weight. Wellbutrin made me skinny but also psychotic…

” Working can, in fact, be part of a structure that can make an illness more livable.” YES SIR

I totally agree with the comment above. work and a regular schedule definitely does help me sometimes. At least help me get back on track with my life if I’ve had a rough patch. Here is the article from which this quote comes from:

Rituals and shaman shit and I started abilify

Yup, anti psychotics couldn’t “cure” or fix a young man by the time he was 18 so they sent him to Africa to be cured… And it worked?
If only this could work for everyone. There have been some famous cases of people essentially curing themselves of mental illness like schizophrenia.. So anything is possible really… Especially when being told you can overcome it and just to live it out and connect with mountains via a stone. Or maybe it was the fact that someone was treating this guy with dignity and attention something doctors don’t have time for here. Maybe some people don’t have permanent life long periods of mania. Maybe some people can grow out of it like migraines. I don’t really believe in spirits and past lives myself but I have a few friends that do and have
“Visions” on a regular basis. So…. Yeah… I guess if it makes you happy and it’s not ruining your life….

Here is the shaman link :

Also, abilify makes my mouth taste like soap.

Andrew WK at the Warped Tour when I was 15…never thought I would be reading his advice on suicide!?

Yup my 15 year old self never saw this one coming….

Partiest of guys on suicide

Free online chat with trained listeners! 7 cups of tea! : D

This is such a great idea! Maybe this was around earlier and I didn’t know or something like it. I did volunteer for the crisis  line before but eventually had to quit because I found it very stressful (plus the surprising amount of people abusing the service…. Grr). I kind of also find out easier to talk about serious topics via text. It’s easier for me to get it all out and be honest.

This is the website! 7 cups of tea

Comics! Moar comics! Nothing explains stuff better than comics…

Seriously though, NOTHING!



Waiting rooms… Trying out new docs

(Sorry this is in 2 different tenses)
“Go to the doctor right away or the emergency room.”,
I spoke with a registered nurse over the phone which actually  had really good training on dealing with people with mental health problems or just lots of experience. and even though I never talked to her before, she could tell I was struggling with communicating with my doctor. I decided to go to the walk in clinic instead of the emergency room which I find is not very useful.

I’m debating  whether or not to post more personal posts. I have been trying to stick to science/re search posts. However, I’m currently in denial of my severe depression, well sorta, I am at a clinic to get help… I feel like sitting on clinics has taken up a significant part of my life time. I’m currently sitting beside a chair covered in magazines.
I am so damn tempted to read them….

I’m sure I’ve posted about the study saying that young women start to feel “bad about themselves particularly their body”.
Also these mags are covered I’m germs….

I feel bad even looking at the Oprah mag. Although, I like some of her articles. (And when I buy mainstream mags I immediately rip out the ads).
I gave in and read some….yup learnt nothing its good the rich. I means Oprah is wearing a corset dress. And the big slogan is HOW TO LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN……

All I was given is a prescription for a nortriptyline and told they were contact my psychiatrist but I kinda highly doubt it. I didn’t fill it as it is not gonna make me feel better I’ve tried it before. It just makes me more tired and more depressed.

I have some nortriptyline already so I’m just gonna take that as I am doubtful but willing to try anything to get me out of this.

Shane Koyzan (DAT poetry guy from Canada and olympics and stuffs) on Anti Depressants……

So I have seen Mr. Koyzan perform a few times at the Well and he’s good. I always have liked and kept meaning to try “slam poetry”.

If you don’t know who he is here are some videos: And he did a TED talks.

I don’t follow him on Facebook but my friend does and reposted this:

I am posting this as yesterday clicks over into today

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of going off anti depression medication. The first step back toward what I considered “normalcy” came by embracing the fact that “normal” doesn’t exist. We are damaged, hurt, ugly and beautiful creatures. We are puzzles and riddles… ironies and hypocrites. I would urge anyone toward pharmacology if that’s what can help them. I would beg anyone to come away from it if they feel ready to accept and endure pain. I thank everyone who gave me their time to talk me down from the abundance of ledges that this world has to offer. I would and will plead that those who have never truly felt the depth of despair to, please, embrace patience when dealing with us. We will not change over night. Your love is an echo that we will hear… in time. I am here because of love.

That’s awesome that he could go off and stay off  medication. If I could ( and not have the dire consequences) I would too obviously. I have tried a couple times now “quitting meds”. It is not worth the time lost and brain damage incurred by both being constantly stressed, depressed, and too tired to move. The line above that I have to comment specifically on is, “I would beg anyone to come away from it[anti-depressants] if they feel ready to accept and endure pain.” 

The issue is, I have accepted this and most importantly endured years of unnecessary pain from misdiagnoses and hiding my issues.

My life is too short to lose long chunks of time (from entire summers, to weeks, to possibly years), to this tiredness/draining debilitating condition. I have finally vowed to only go off completely, if they find a permanent cure, or to have children. My grandmother was on medication her entire life, and when she ran out it was obvious. We both have complained of the same symptom, “I have the flu”. Which is a good way to compare the “tiredness” related to depression.

If you are taking medication for a specific reason such as PTSD, and were never depressed or tired as a child then, maybe you can someday. I have also been reading many new article on the research regarding stress damage on the brain/body. I wouldn’t want to cause any further damage to myself by living in darkness and melancholy, as I probably already have.



Stress GENES block mine pls k thanks- Study Reveals New Approach For Blocking Neuronal Damage From Stress

Stress GENES block mine pls k thanks- Study Reveals New Approach For Blocking Neuronal Damage From Stress

New Blood Test Could Diagnose Depression | I Fucking Love Science

One my favorite blogs maybe I can get this test. My question is WHY DIDNT THEY FUCKING THINK OF THIS EARLIER AND TRY IT? Another reason I’m mad only straight A people get into grad school. (I’m only mildly jealous I swear!).